welcome on my website.
My name is Pablo Poch Parramon and I am a German drummer and drum teacher.

After completing my studies at the ArtEZ Popacademie in Enschede (NL) I began working as a live and studio drummer and as a drum teacher.

As a drummer I mostly play shows in Germany but also had concerts in other countries, for example in the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic.

Next to playing live I work in different studios and have my own professional drum studio.
In my own studio I recorded drums for various projects as, for example, „Winners Circle“ by Christian Wirtz.

“Pablo is a fantastic drummer and even has his own professional recording studio. If you are looking for a session drummer, check him out!” – Christian Wirtz

Both as a live and a studio drummer I always pay attention to the music. The music defines what to play!

„Pablo has positioned himself as a song drummer and has the skills for it.“Rene Engel

I not only pay attention to what I play but also how it sounds and how it feels.
For me the „Groove“ of a drummer – and any other musician – is the most important skill!

Pablo grooved“ – Rene Engel

Next to playing as a drummer, I also work as a drum teacher. I teach at the Rock & Pop Fabrik and have an instructional website called „Pablo’s Groove Lessons“.

On the website you can learn how to play drums or can improve your drumming if you already are a drummer.