welcome on my website.
My name is Pablo Poch Parramon and I am a German drummer and drum teacher.

After completing my studies at the ArtEZ Popacademie in Enschede (NL) (Degree: Bachelor of Arts) I began working as a live and studio drummer and as a drum teacher.

As a drummer I mostly play shows in Germany but also had concerts in other countries, for example in the Netherlands and in the Czech Republic.

Next to playing live I work in different studios and have my own professional drum studio.
In my own studio I recorded drums for various projects as, for example, „Winners Circle“ by Christian Wirtz.

“Pablo is a fantastic drummer and even has his own professional recording studio. If you are looking for a session drummer, check him out!” – Christian Wirtz

Both as a live and a studio drummer I always pay attention to the music. The music defines what to play!

„Pablo has positioned himself as a song drummer and has the skills for it.“Rene Engel

I not only pay attention to what I play but also how it sounds and how it feels.
For me the „Groove“ of a drummer – and any other musician – is the most important skill!

Pablo grooved“ – Rene Engel

Next to playing as a drummer, I also work as a drum educator. I give drum lessons online and in person and have an instructional website called „Pablo’s Groove Lessons“.

On the website you can learn how to play drums or can improve your drumming if you already are a drummer.