Pablo’s Groove Lessons

Do you want to be a song drummer?

Pablo’s Groove Lessons is my educational website for drummers and people who want to become a drummer.
As a song drummer I pay a lot of attention to the music and I always want to make sure that a song „grooves“.
I like drums that make the people feel good and make them smile.

As a drum student I had two things that made me the drummer and drum teacher I am today:

  • Very good teachers!
  • A lot of fun practicing and rehearsing.

Now I want to follow my teacher’s path and pass on my knowledge to other drum students – to you!
For me the “Groove” of a drummer – and any other musician – is the most important skill! I always makes sure that my playing “grooves” and as a teacher I pay attention to the “Groove” of my students.

If you want to become a better song drummer, here is what you need!