Percussion Creativ Group

Since a few weeks I am the manager of the Percussion Creativ group in Iserlohn
Percussion Creativ is an association for drummers and percussionists in Germany.

In most of the big and smaller towns in Germany exist groups – so called “Netzwerk”. That means there is someone who act as a contact person for this specific region.
I am now the contact person for Iserlohn and I am very happy about this!

An important aspect of the regionals groups are the so called “Netzwerktreffen”. That means there is a meeting with other drummers and musicians in this town or region to meat each other and get in contact with each other.
I plan a “Netzwerktreffen” for the beginning of 2019 and I hope to see a lot of drummers there.

If you want to come to the “Netzwerktreffen”, stay tuned! Everybody is welcome, weather you are from Iserlohn or not.
You are even welcome if you are not a drummer!

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