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One month ago I had the pleasure to play at the Sázavafest in the Czech Republic.
It was a great experience. Not only because of the show, but also because we had a fantastic weekend with the band.

We hit the road on July the 27th to Prague and arrived there late in the evening. We stayed in a litte hotel nearby Prague and visited the town on the next day.
This city is really beautiful! If you have the chance to visit Prague, do it!
Unfortunately it was very hot and crowded, but nevertheless is was awesome.
After a few hours in the city we still had to drive one hour to the festival.

We arrived at the festival very early and had enough time to take a look. Sázavafest is a big festival with 20.000 visitors, but I still had a familiar feeling.
I would like to play here next year also!

I filmed these two songs during our show:

Later we met Graham Candy (“She Moves”) in the hotel and find out that they played immediately before our show on another stage. Unfortunately we could not watch their show due to our soundcheck. But it is always nice to get in contact with other musicians!

All in all it was a extraordinary weekend and I would love to go to the Sázavafest next year again!

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